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Cur Custom Blades

Knife-maker Greg Campbell began knife-making as a hobby in 2013. This endeavor soon developed into his passion. Today Greg designs, creates, and achieves unique beautiful knives under the moniker: Cur Custom Blades.

Greg is based in Richmond, VA, where he works as a Senior Scientist III at Virginia Commonwealth University managing a genetics lab. Greg’s interest in making things with his hands was cultivated by Jesse James’ Monster Garage. The idea of taking something that most people don’t value, or don’t understand the value of, like a piece of steel, and turning it into a piece of art was very appealing. Greg started with premade knife blanks and put handles on them, but quickly realized that being involved in the process from start to finish was really what excited him. Since then, Greg has ventured into new avenues, i.e. Kitchen knives, buschcraft knives, forging, and now onto forging his own Damascus.

Quinn Knives' take:
QK began carrying Greg's knives in September 2020 and his knives had an immediate impact on our backcountry customers looking for a great handmade custom bushcraft, camp, or skinning knife. With Greg's expansion into culinary customs, we've seen local chefs, both professional and hobby, start to pick up Cur's Japanese-style offerings. As Cur Custom Blades sole west coast retailer, we're happy to have these available for our clientele, and have a few in our personal collection as well!

Please Note: Due to the One Off nature of these knives, Available product is split between our In Store Julian location and our Online Inventory. Available product will be labeled as "Available", however product physically located in our Julian location will appear online as "Out of Stock". Please email us [email protected] if you'd like to order one of our Julian knives via the website, and we'll reserve it for you and activate the Online link. Discounts do not apply.

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