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Freebooter Blades

Header banner for Freebooter Blades
“A military survival knife brand founded by a U.S. Special Operation veteran, Freebooter Blades promotes the proud, sometimes loud, unapologetic, red-blooded, beer, bacon and freedom loving brotherhood of American patriots and veterans.”

I (Chris K.) served fifteen years in Naval Special Warfare as a SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant Crewman), aka “Dirty Boat Guys/DBG’s” or more commonly, the “Boatguys”. “The best kept secret in the Navy” the saying goes. And it really was. Still is.

Shortly after retiring, I was fortunate enough to find myself serving once again in the community of warriors I loved and missed so much. This time as a civilian high-risk instructor teaching our elite Navy SWCC and SEALs in the ways of survival when shit goes really bad. Like, alone and isolated outside the wire bad.

So, I started Freebooter Blades LLC because…what the hell else was I going to do? Keep making badass blades that few will ever see? F**k no. This is me now. This is what I want to keep doing when I grow up. Blade smithing satiates my need for making something that is completely utilitarian but awesome to look at and show off to your buddies too.

Ultimately, I’m not just trying to promote and sell badass knives. I want to promote the culture I belong to. The one with a foundation built on years of hard military service, love of family, pride in the greatest country on Earth, "Merica, and the bonds of Brotherhood.

Family. Country. Brotherhood. FCB.

-ChrisK, Freebooter Blades

Quinn Knives' take:
When we met Chris K. in the store we had no idea he was a bladesmith with a stout military background. We just saw his "B" Red Sox cap and started chatting about Boston, where we both grew up. Learning that he was a knife maker was a bonus, and we knew we had to start carrying his knives. We know you'll enjoy them as much as we do, with the "Overwatch" being our favourite!

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