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Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan is a San Diego knifemaking master who's been crafting blades for over 40 years. He and his wife Sandy were staples on the national blade show circuit throughout the 80s and 90s, even selling a piece to Bo Derek.

Jeff originally focused on ultra fine show knives, before shifting to his current style, inspired by the rich history of the southwest. Jeff Morgan knives are now know as no-nonsense, backcountry blades with an 'old west' flair, including JM's signature pancake style rivet sheaths. Jeff Morgan knives have become a common site on the belts of many Southern California hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who want a dependable, affordable, handcrafted blade.

Quinn Knives' take:
Quinn Knives has enjoyed a 35+ year relationship with Jeff and Sandy Morgan, and are honoured to be his home on the internet. We may or may not have more than a few JM knives in our own collection...

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